Cycle of Sustanon and Winstrol Taken by Athletes: Uses and Unwanted Outcomes

Striving to understand the benefit of Sustanon and Winstrol course, it is inevitable to view peculiarities of each drug and their mix. First of all, Sustanon is an approved steroid with androgenic properties, while Winstrol promotes anabolic features. The cycle containing both drugs helps boost lean muscle and advance strength, endurance and stamina. These medications mix well and promote drastic positive effects, leading to results improvements. The main peculiarity of the course is ultimate safety, so that it can be used both by new athletes to advance muscle mass and experienced bodybuilders to keep body form.

Winstrol Depot as Effective Part of the Course

The anabolic steroid is commonly used a day after Sustanon intake. The average dose is a single 50 mg injection at a time. The drug prevents the occurrence of aromatization process, which can be triggered by Sustanon use. Such a cycle is considered to be completely safe. It also stimulates the process of water retention. The vast majority of athletes take the combination of Sustanon and Winstrol due to the instant effect and positive influence they produce on the body. Despite the drugs have completely different features and produce diverse effects on the organism, they can be successfully combined for ultimate results.

Taking Sustanon for Advanced Effect

Sustanon 300 (Deca Durabolin) is used is different doses that depend on the desired effects. However, generally the treatment is used two times a week, and 250-500 mg dose serves an average one. Additionally, the dose can depend on the experience using steroids and body weight. Since the drug can promote a powerful impact on the organism, beginning athletes should take the smallest dose available, gradually increasing it with time. Consult your doctor in case you have got any symptoms of hormonal disorders while using the drug. Additionally, your doctor may recommend you take Proviron or Tamoxifen together with the main ingredients in order to prevent the body and its functions from unwanted effects. These medications decrease the aromatization process, which takes place due to high testosterone concentration in steroids.

The average duration of Winstrol and Sustanon cycle is 1.5 months. You should not prolong the course, as it can harm your muscles and lead to overdose with its devastating symptoms. The cycle is appreciated for its instant effect and quality performance boost. Besides, the combination of steroids advances strength and decreases recovery time after training.

winstrol and sustanon cycleEven though the mix of Sustanon and Winstrol get appraising reviews and comments, it can have certain outcomes. It is inevitable to finish the course with Clomid, which will balance natural testosterone production and hormone functioning in the organism. You need to discuss the course with your healthcare provider, as its components can stimulate the occurrence of severe side effects and abnormalities, if misused or overused. Additionally, supplementary drugs help manage further body functioning and preserve the achieved results. Follow individually determined doses in order to take the maximal benefit from the course and eliminate all the risks.