Sustanon Steroid Profile

Doubtlessly, Sustanon is number one testosterone combination available on the market. Originally known and appreciated for its ability to be a part of testosterone replacement therapy, the drug is currently popular as one of the best anabolic steroids to enhance performance and achieve the desirable endurance boosting by athletes. Despite the original aim of the drug, Sustanon serves an ultimate choice for bodybuilders and performing athletes, who require strength, endurance and stamina boost. The anabolic steroid consists of four varying esters that help balance testosterone level due to the desired effect. Sustanon can be taken in simple injections, or used according to the schedule with much better results.

sustanon steroid profile

Features and Key Traits of Sustanon

Testosterone Isocaproate, Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Decanoate and Testosterone Phenyl Propionate are the four parts of testosterone included in Sustanon. While some esters work promoting fast acting testosterone advantages, others ensure the duration of their action. As a result, the drug provides both rapid action and long-lasting effect required by the person. When it comes to the composition of the drug, it contains:how to increase muscle mass

  • 100 mg/ml Testosterone Deconoate;
  • 60 mg/ml Testosterone Isocaproate;
  • 60 mg/ml Testosterone Phenyl Propionate;
  • 30 mg/ml Testosterone Propionate.

According to the results of researches, Sustanon carries androgenic and anabolic rates of 100 in each category. Additionally, it is an ultimately versatile steroidal hormone. The anabolic steroid impact on sexual and physical health cannot be underestimated as well. The drug has an ability to advance protein synthesis that is required for blocking muscle tissue. Besides, the drug features a considerable enhancing effect on nitrogen retention taking place in the muscle tissues. Sustanon also enhances red cell count that results in perfect blood oxygenation.

Performance Effects of the Drug

If you still doubt about how to increase muscle mass effectively and without harm to the overall health state, Sustanon is the solution. During testosterone replacement therapy, the main aim of the person is to balance natural levels. But to achieve desirable performance boost, a patient should get a higher testosterone level. When the body finally receives an ultimate testosterone boost, it provides three types of action:

  • General enhancement. Irrespective of the purpose, Sustanon is known to be one of the most versatile steroidal compounds ever available. Muscular endurance will be advanced and the recovery time decreased. Due to these features, the drug is widely appreciated and demanded by athletes all around the world;
  • Bulking. With adequate calories and proper supplementation you will have an opportunity to get more lean mass and notice significant strength increase;
  • Cutting. With proper plan, the anabolic steroid can be ultimately useful during this time. The athlete will get an opportunity to preserve lean tissue and lose body fat effectively.

Possible Side Effects and Complications of Sustanon Intake

Despite definite Sustanon benefits, it can cause certain complications and abnormalities if misused or overused. Search emergency medical assistance if you have noticed any symptoms of allergic reactions or other dangerous Sustanon outcomes.